Qualitative Research and Complex Teams

bookcoverIt’s official!  My book is available now (in Kindle).  Hard copy will be available by mid-November.  It is published by Oxford University Press

The book was written to fill the gap among qualitative research methodology texts that primarily present the lone researcher model, despite the evidence that more and more often research is a team based sport!  The text emphasizes the central role of writing in all stages of qualitative research, discussing the roots of this change from single to team-based research in qualitative research, research design, and methodological and substantive approaches to writing in team-based circumstances.

It was written to be read by all researchers, qualitative or otherwise, who may be undertaking team-based qualitative research.  Based on my hands-on experiences working with diverse teams over the years, it includes many logistical tips and examples.

My thanks to Patricia Leavy, editor of this series on qualitative research, and the wonderful editors at Oxford who were so gracious and helpful throughout the process.

Thanks also to the many graduate students who read parts of the text as I was developing it, as well as the members of the Research Methodology and Program Evaluation in Education Ph.D. program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.


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