Qualitative Research Reconstructed

Several years ago I began blogging about qualitative research in a blog I titled “QRfrag” or Qualitative Research Fragmented. Little did I know how accurate and timely that title was as a description of myself—and a description of the field at the time.

I have titled my new blog: Qualitative Research Reconstructed.

The purpose of this blog is to identify, define, and characterize–what qualitative research will be or can be in this new digital, global, interdisciplinary, intersectional and de-colonizing world in which science, social science, humanities, and the arts are being reorganized in radical new relationship to each other and to the ways we think about the work they do in social life.

Key themes that will be pursued here are:

  • Digital tools and their expanding realm among qualitative researchers
  • The pressing need for radical reorganization of the preparation of qualitative researchers
  • The changing form of qualitative research practice—including such issues as:
    • shifting from individual to team-based research,
    • changing forms of writing and representation,
    • transitioning from Euro/American domination of the field to new global organization.

—and many other topics that are coming to compose the restructured world of qualitative research.

As I begin to develop these themes in more depth, I aim to bring in voices of others who are also struggling with these issues within the field of qualitative research.